Moments Captured

Welcome to my world of photography, where you can enjoy photographs of wildlife, nature, architecture and people. Check back often, as this site is updated regularly.

I grew up enjoying the peaks and valleys of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I spent most of my free time either canoeing, whitewater rafting, hiking, or spelunking in old gold mines. Each trip, I always had a camera (usually in a waterproof bag) to remember those wonderful times. After exploring every nook and cranny of the state, I I knew I was ready to make a move. On a trip to Seattle, almost 25 years ago, I just about drove off the road after being overwhelmed by the beauty of Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains.

Some of my favorite places to photograph are the San Juan and Gulf Islands, the Skagit Valley and Columbia Basin of the Great Northwest, the shores of the Florida Gulf Coast, Lake Michigan, and the Colorado and Canadian Rockies. I also have many amazing moments enjoying the unexpected sights in my own backyard in the forests north of Seattle.

Since I've become serious with my photography, I see the world as if I it's my own personal canvas. I hope you enjoy my photos.